Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intro to Feasty Goodness

So we're geeks. Not the nouveau, geek-chic kind of geek that frequents trendy bars and software companies these days - you know, the well-adjusted, normal kids in high school who found out that it's cool to be nerdy and started watching the Venture Brothers to prove it. No, we're the real deal. Few friends, Monty Python quoters by age 12, socially inept and have the psychological brusing from the Popular Kids to prove it. We're not successful... or disciplined... or even particularly edgy.

But we are foodies. And clever. And always on the lookout for the next great meal, fabulous flavor, beautiful dish. In a sense, I suppose we're the Ron Jeremys of the food porn world. Strange, inexplicably favored by our friends, narcoleptic (well, one of us is), inappropriate, and we can cook on command (10! 9! 8!...). Did I mention that we like to reference things?

One of the greatest outcomes of the recent food porn revolution is that a pair of social maladepts like ourselves can come out of the proverbial closet and talk about food that we think is great. And why we think it's great. And why you should think it's great. And explain/debate the qualities of its greatness ad nauseum. And people will read it! And they will find it good.

Gwen is a Medieval History major who found that there's no money in it, so got a degree in art instead (!?). Lexi is a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks with aspirations to be a culinary professional. Both are smart, aimless and too rapidly approaching middle age with little to show for it but a fabulous community of friends and a taste for great eats.

Of course, being a geek who likes food isn't just about food. It's about geekdom in general - movies, quotes, references and all the dumb nerdy stuff that we love. So we hope you like our blog and we welcome comments or suggestions - to be taken under advisement - from our readers.

Feast On!

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